Why good web design is so important

28th 2o15 | web design

If you’ve been searching around for the right web design company to get you online, you’ve probably noticed that there are huge variations in product available. However, all good designers will tell you that there’s a reason for this variation.

There’s great design, good design and frankly design we’d rather not speak about.

We say that if the budget allows (although this isn’t often relevant), always go for companies that you believe will provide you with a better design. Indeed, there are many reasons why having a website with a strong design will stand you in good stead.

The viewer of your site is programmed nowadays to demand fast load times, professional aesthetics and valuable content, which is backed up with the latest coding to enable this to happen.

And all this is demanded within seconds of entering your site.

We’ve long championed the power of content to drive visits and sales on the websites we build, but that also has to be backed up by visual appeal.  This is no easy task, with significant amounts of work required to get all the pieces of the design puzzle in the right place.

With new trends, increased accessibility and usability of technology, getting the right mix has also become more complicated. Running a company coupled with building and managing an effective website that will work for them is just a step too far for most owners.

To highlight why good web design is so important, we’ve come across this infographic by instantShift. Have a look – we think the numbers speak for themselves. 

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