Copywriting service & package

copywriting service

we believe that content is king. engage and inform and the results will flow 

We've spent years playing with words and quibbling over syntax. Given our experience in writing clear and concise copy and marketing it to corporates, we will be happy to write your website for you or edit and optimise existing content.

You know your company better than anyone else and so your drive is understandably likely to be your business. However, the words on your site should be geared towards your customer. As an outsider looking in, a copywriter will find it easier to understand your business, to get a grasp of who you are and what message you need to get across. We won’t let irrelevant information cloud our understanding.

Well communicated and targeted web copy, that’s easy to grasp and optimised for search engines, coupled with a visually beautiful website will be a force in the online world.

The Copywriting Package for a full site starts at just £175.  All the following is included.

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Write your site

write your site

We will write all of the text on your website for you. However, there may be sections of the site that you wish to be written by yourself; we would be happy to optimise such content.

Sector Experience

sector experience

Our experience of writing copy spans across multiple industries. We have written about companies within the technology and telecommunications sectors, oil and gas, the financial industry, the mining industry, the industrial space as well as retail and hospitality sectors, to name but a few.

SEO Friendly

seo friendly

We will write your site in such a way that it is optimised for search engines. The aim of the copy that we write will also always be to engage and attract visitors to your site.

Our Approach

our approach

We will get to understand you and your company beforehand. You can tell us what you wish to say over the phone or we will meet up with you. Otherwise you can provide us with notes, emails or company literature as a starting point.

You may wish to compose your own copy but would like us to cast a sharp eye over it. Whatever your proofing needs, we will work with you to provide a solution to your requirements.

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